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Control Shape

A delicious pink silky smooth texture erasing the appearance of orange peel skin and encouraging the elimination
of excess water. Formulated with three high-powered active ingredients Control Shape will help refine your figure by
acting at several levels:
- Boosts lipolysis, thanks to the pre-lipolytic action of a pink pepper extract.
- fights against cellulite (fat burning, stimulation of collagen synthesis).
- Improves skin microcirculation to reactivate the elimination of waste that accumulates in the tissue, due to the compression of blood vessels by large-sized fat cells.
Formulated with a moisturising active ingredient, makes it the perfect ally for minimising cellulite and dimpling, without dehydrating the skin.

Lipo Scrub

A creamy, pink-coloured slimming exfoliating care that immediately melts on your skin. It improves blood circulation and fats elimination. This scub is light and contains an exclusive association of two complementary slimming ingredients. Caffeine and
Palmaria palmata extract. Caffeine, an essential ingredient in slimming treatments, has been associated with the seaweed extract for a slimming, remodeling and refining action.